Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Raya 14th - 26/10/07

Went to CPS Brunei's open house in Lambak Kanan on the 14th raya. Anak Brunei plus Missus and kids was there already, Rano, Jim747 and Souljah. Cool thing was, the caterer. It's on wheels. Just order from them, they'll come over your house with their pick-up truck and readied everything for us. The cook, utensils, etc...

the sizzling kuay tiew I ordered

Anak Brunei's kids, like father, like daughter

the cook

the pick-up truck

What's Rano taking picture of?


Souljah too as Jim747 watches and the host poses for me

it was this!

Last time I saw cameras on the table, now it's on the rug

Kinda hard taking picture of the pick-up truck as I was using the 50mm. I had to move back to take it but still can't get the whole vehicle.

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