Sunday, November 11, 2007

My Open House 09/11/07

I had a Hari Raya Open House last Friday evening. It was also to celebrate Cjay's birthday. And I found out that it was also my little cousin's birthday and unveiling of sponsored items to both teams.

Photog friends who came that night was Nikonian, JrStret37 (a.k.a. Mac37), CPS with the missus, Souljah, RJ63, Karyawan, Rano and Jim747. Thanks for coming people. Here are the photos.

the crowd


trying out my new Cactus Wireless Trigger plus Stofen

I think both these photos were taken by Jim747

the bithday cake

the birthday boy

photogs taking picture

as usual... anyone's birthday is also his

official taster?

our satay served

Mrs. 26

Mrs. 11

Mrs. 21, 12 and Mrs. 11

Both teams players who were present was surprised with the unveiling of sponsored items and handing the items to the management from sponsors.

Totes (bags) for Pasadena players sponsored by DIO Legalized Management (Jafry Johary)

Polo shirts for Wanderers sponsored by Amir Pehin Hapidz, his wife and yours truly...

Polo shirts for Pasadena sponsored by Amir Pehin Hapidz, his wife and yours truly...

Socks for Pasadena players sponsored by my dad

Ka Jijah (Bang Jafry's wife) handing over the tote to management

Dad handing over Wanderers Polo Shirt....

Pasadena Polo shirt and.....

Pasadena's socks to management

then there were fireworks... I think there were around 80 shots

Photogs shooting fireworks

"How's my photo?!"

Beloved Mom and Dad

with sis and cousins

my 2 best friends

even Bluto was there

and also the Secretary General of BASBA and wife

Wanderers group photo

It was good!


  1. Wow! Looks like a swell night you guys had there! Apologies for my absence bro. I was covering the breast cancer awareness talk that night.

  2. It's okay dude, maybe next time.. ;)