Monday, November 12, 2007

HSBC Charity Grand Prix 11/11/07

Went to Taman Sir Omar Ali Saifuddien last Sunday morning for the HSBC Charity Grand Prix. Met other sharpshooters there as well. We planned to have a booth set up but cancelled, no preparation. Another offer was, we follow the guy wearing the White Foot Soldier of Star Wars and charge people who take pictures with them for charity but that was cancelled too. So we decided to just to do our normal outing.

Lots of face paints.... lotsa kids... and grownups who are like kids...


Scary woo!

Aiman and Uncle Mus

they won some race?

the master strobist... in daylight

winner of wrapping your kid

Yo! Wassup?!

anybody got change?!

us chlling out
Mac37, Souljah, CPS, Aku and Zadm


peek a boo!

she said, "No! No pictures!" in a cute squeaky voice

but always looking to the camera ;p

It was raining around 11am and I was worried coz I have to leave as I have a softball match at 1pm. We took shelter at the grandstand and being photographers, we took photo of people at the grandstand. The rain finally subsides at 12pm and I rushed home.

I guess I missed a lot on the afternoon event but the others were there the whole day.

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  1. Man, I look like I'm about to tear someone a new one...