Thursday, April 22, 2010

What a week...

After my last blog.. I've been utterly busy.. as I said, busy with life, work, sports and this time, not really much of photography..

I'm one of the sports committee as the softball convener for our company which speaks directly to the sports secretariat. I'm to organize a softball team for our company to participate the upcoming National Sports Carnival. I've done that successfully, except to get the whole team coming to training all at once. Which is rather difficult as most of the players works shift hours and some flies. I have to make sure all is well before handing the post as Manager and Convener to my cousin, who is also an employee.

In the previous post I mentioned probably a change in profession which is correct. I'm to leave the company I'm working for currently in a few weeks. But I'm still going to play under them for the PSK as a member of their club.

In all these busyness of team, training, trials and work as well... somehow affect my health as this week, when I went to work on Monday, my throat was really sore, had a runny nose and I was having bad headaches the past week. Then the next day, I could barely wake up. I had to go to the clinic and meet the doctor. I was diagnosed, that my throat is still infected and my left tonsil is swollen. So swollen that I was surprised that the doctor gave me 5 days of medical leave. He told me, no cough syrups. Just pain killers, medicines I couldn't pronounce and antibiotics. If the swelling wouldn't go away, I'm gonna have to go for surgery and have them removed. ERK!!!... I drank tepid hot drinks, lozenges and avoided cold drinks and anything that make my tonsils swell but took calamansi, lemon, lime and other sour stuffs to shrink my swollen tonsils. It worked and I don't have to undergo surgery. PHEW!!... What a relief.

5 days leave should've been fun if you're not sick. I'd be riding my motorcycle around and meeting my gf and do a lot of fun stuffs. Instead of staying home the whole week. Which reminds me, need to take my medication now. ;)

So I will start work again next week and I do hope I'm able to play in the Solidarity match this Sunday. *hoping I can start softball training, we'replaying in the semi-finals this Sunday.... that's 3 more days* That is another story, if I do take photos, they will be uploaded to my softball gallery, but if I'm too busy playing, I'll just snap a few, get the photos of winners and scores, then you can read it the next day in the local newspaper.

Hope I'll start photoblogging again soon. Time to sleep. I hope I'm a bit well tomorrow as I need to print my competition photos which deadline is on Saturday. Will get it printed and sent. Wish me luck. ;)