Monday, November 19, 2007

JIS International Day 16/11/07

Took a day off from work last Friday and went to JIS International Day in Jerudong. Only came in the afternoon as I had other things to do in the morning. It was really fun and packed. There were lots of things and faces to shoot. They even invited the Army Pipers (I don't know what they are called) Here are the pictures:

Wah Lan Eh!...

A German boy introducing the music they gonna play

Nikonian with his 80-200mm f/2.8 *blessed*

she looks so cute with those things on her

I know him... he's in the Brunei Music Society

Emcee?! Very young... ;p

I was way up at the balcony and this girl managed to spot and smile for me... lovely.. ;)

so cute! She was the smallest in the choir (that I saw)

A young Korean?!

another Korean?!

mothers taking their children's video

Group Photo!

chalk art

Brunei Times reporter interviewing


the army pipers *spelling*


the school orchestra (they're really good! hats off to the teachers)

Indian dancers


acoustic performance


Nining again (waiting to go on stage)

he sang (one of the teachers)

It was good!

Group Photo!

she stopped and posed for me... Thanks

Must be really exhausted!

trying to avoid but still caught by my camera (you're not fast enough) ;p

Thanks babyamy for inviting us. Do let us know of future events.

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