Sunday, January 27, 2008

JC - 27/01/08

Went to JC Sunday morning, not much of us attended, some were busy, some went for the KB outing and some left early.

the dudes

my kolo mee

CPS and his new D300 *blessed*

the BFF crew

my friend's son

and daughter

'Jai' with her sister and kids

the son

Jai and Fatin


Friday, January 25, 2008

PHA Family Night - 29/12/07

A flashback to 2007. The PHA Family (a.k.a. 730 family) 2nd Annual Family Gathering for 2007 was hosted by the Kilanas Family. We ate, danced, sang karaoke and our family band, games, and lucky draws all night long. Lucky draws were for everyone, everyone is a winner and will bring home a prize.

the mural

we feasted

sang the karaoke

sang with live band

lucky draw prizes

there were a lot

in charge of the prizes

lucky draw winner

and a birthday cake

for anyone who celebrates their birthday on that month

more live bands

more singing

more lucky draws

I created a party game.. 1 can of "Anything" and 1 can of "Whatever"
you will not know the flavour until you open and drink it
whoever can guess the right flavour of both cans
will get a prize consisting of an Easi recharge card

the list of flavours

guessing the flavours

still trying to guess the flavours

and the winner who guessed right

there were games like musical chairs for the elders

the winner

and for the girls

dancing puppets
(don't know what's it called, dance and when the music stop you have to freeze or you lose)
for the boys

and for the youngsters

more lucky draws


and more live performances

there were "joget" dancing


and more "joget"

for everyone

then there was fireworks

and more lucky draws *even for the invited photog*


more cameras

and even junior photogs with camera

and even video cameras

group photos

and still more

Mom posing for the crowd and camera

Mom won best dress for ladies

and dad won best dress for men

Dad won best dress 2 years in a row

then there was dancing from joget to twist to hip hop, R&B to disco all night long

It was fun. More photos here