Wednesday, November 21, 2007

MOH Expo at ICC 18/11/07

Went to ICC for the MOH Expo right after my softball match. (Went home and took a quick shower first). Was there with JrStret37. Everyone was packing when we arrived and some are even closed. I managed to get a few shots of the ones that were still opened. There were still lots of people there, looking at the exhibitions and some booths had free check-ups and even games. Here are the photos.

don't ask me what it is, coz I don't know.. ;p

HSBC booth

MOH booth

model of the new proposed wing

free check-up

that's it, 1,499 to go

a little help

Ahmad, one of Asterix United staff giving a demo.
Apperently, their company distributes gym equipments in Brunei, to hospitals and gyms.

Cool aight? It can be a ball, an exerciser (to trim your tummy) and a stool or chair

buy Sir, all the way from China

Healing Touch

ermmm... I don't know why it was there

Stethoscopes now comes in various colours. Now the lady doctors can do check ups in style

smoke machine?

checking blood pressure?

RBC was there too, showing healthy foods?

a future gymnast

she won a key chain

someone else giving it a try

one of the booth personnel?

dad was there too

Hi dad


trying out the massage chairs

i don't think you can kick it


so cute!

the display photos of HM's visits

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