Thursday, May 15, 2008

KUPU Sports Day - 20/04/08

I was really tired and it was a hot day after the BSB 50mm Challenge, was on my way home when I saw what looks like a sports event at Balapan Field. So I went down and took some shots. Found out it was the 1st KUPU (Kolej Universiti Perguruan Ugama) Sports Day. And there was no photographer around. So I offered myself to take photos of the event.

look familiar... he's Ibu Jee's brother.

Team Captain with the Overall House Champion Trophy

Receiving the Challenge Trophy

With the Challenge Trophy

House Champions,

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

50mm Challenge - 20-04-08

Joined the other BFF members for the 50mm Challenge at BSB. Here are the photos that I wanted to submit but in the evening, my aunt got submitted to RIPAS and we had to spend the next 4 days at RIPAS ICU, so I didn't submit any. Here are the photos and more on my flickr.

I was still using my D40X at that time and had to do manual focusing using the 50mm.

More photos here.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sunset @ Panaga - 19/04/08

Went to KB and asked Syazlie to model for me at Panaga Beach. Too bad the waves wasn't how I wanted it. So I shoot sunset instead.


The model was waiting for me

Love the sunset at Panaga


Monday, May 5, 2008

BLNG Bowling Tournament 19/04/08

AAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrggghhh!!!.......... My harddisk corrupted! I'm lucky I put the photos I wanted to post in my laptop. Took this photos when Nullie asked me to come to take photos of the BLNG Bowling Tournament at Utama Bowling. Wanted to stay for the moonlight disco bowling but I had other engagements to attend.



that's my cuz


tsk... tsk...


it's going



taking a fall