Friday, November 2, 2007

MV Doulos Part 2 - 29/10/07

Went to MV Doulos again last Monday, wanted to get the Digital Photography book I saw last Saturday but I found out it was sold out. :( But I had fun taking photos. Here are the photos.

the coach picks up passengers from the entrance to the Cruise Centre

People putting on the International Cultural Show's hats

MV Doulos

the national team players out on a field trip?!


One of the life boats

it was packed with people

I got this souveniour

heheh... ;p

the cashier was also packed

soft ice cream and pink lemonade stand

people leaving

MV Doulos


Smile for the camera

Can't they read?!

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  1. I am salivating! Doulos was here in Davao in 1990 but that was the first and nly time. Lucky you! Check my story at