Friday, February 29, 2008

24th National Day 2008 - 23/02/08

Long awaited post! I went hiatus for awhile due to some problems. I was busy with work, life, sports, etc....

Here are the photos taken during the 24th National Day. I went to BSB at 5.30am and found out the parking spaces were full. And I thought I was early. Went to RBA Plaza to get breakfast but didn't have the mood to eat yet. Maybe coz it was too early. Went to the restaurant infront of Coffee Bean to meet the BFF crews, then back to Plaza to gather with the other RBA contigent.

the early birds

breakfast buffet for RBA

'Telur Jantan' with BFF Crews

on call

Staff Sergeant, our marching instructor from the army

with another Staff Sergeant

Rosina with her baby

the KKBS performance instructors

group photo outside the Plaza

the BFF crews

more group photo outside the Plaza

Shell contigent

Smile... ;)

Peace out

my cousin with SMJA

our beloved ruler, HM the Sultan

our new cap, now with colour

after the performance

group photo for memorabilia

some school girls who wanted their photos taken, here you go girls.... ;)


joined the BFF crews again at Babu's Kitchen

preparing for the group photo

after the group photo, everyone went home happy

these are the crews of BFF

It was reported, around 120 photographers turned up for the event and over 40 photographers were from BFF. It was fun.... really fun.

More photos here.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dinner at Tasek Brasserie - 11/02/08

Last week, after I returned from the softball field, Mom gave me a gift voucher from Sheraton Utama Hotel. A free dinner buffet for two at Tasek Brasserie. Mom told me to bring my sister.

the appetizer's table

the main course

blue oysters



lamb chops

the cook

My plates of appetizers and main course

Lamb Chop with Black Pepper Sauce

and a second helping of these ;p

the dessert table

Chocolate Ultimate Cake

Blueberry Cheese Cake

Chocolate Mud Cake

Sweet Corn Pudding

Chocolate Banana Cream Cake

Fruit Pizza

Carrot Cake

Macarena Mousse Cake

Fresh Fruit Cream Cake


Chocolate Mud Cake with Pecan

Chocolate Lava Pudding.... Yummy!

I was full when I left. (There goes my diet of healthy eating of carbs and veges) Had to run 5 kilmetres the next day and 3 dys after that just to burn it off. ;p