Saturday, November 3, 2007

MV Doulos Part 3 - 02/11/07

Went to MV Doulos again on the last Friday, it was it's last day in Brunei. I wanna take more pics before they sail off the next day. It was fun there, and I wished they'd stay longer.

on the coach

clowns at the cruise centre

going up the gangway

wanted to buy this but again, I didn't bring any cash.

Nullie wanted to become a biker chick

My usual model

and I saw this very very cute little girl


one ice cream please

the mother piling it up the books

but he wants toys

the Brazilian cashier asked me, "What are you taking picture of?!"

mermaid and merman caught in the net?!

aye-aye skipper

lighting Nullie, not lightning ;p

exiting the vessel

very friendly crews

We were here



  1. Hahaha the pics convey fun! Good stuff . Didya get the number of the girl for Aiman? :P

  2. God!!! I look to the most iskiness! Hahaha! I had so much fun that i don't even care wat ppl think of me and wanchai! Hahaha! Gauk2!!