Thursday, April 30, 2009

Update..... Been a long hiatus...

Been a while I blogged.. well, here as usual are updates of what I did... be warned... it'a a long post... heheh....

Went to shoot sunset at Tungku Beach. It was awesome... I want to go sunsetting again next week. Anybody wanna come and join? More photos here.

I had a photoshoot... this time with male models. So I invited my cousins to model for me.


more photos here.

The BFF crew had an outing to a very scary place. To capture light trails of airplanes taking off. We however only managed to get 2 shots of light trail. Brunei airport is not as busy as Changi I guess, so air traffic was at the minimum.

aircraft light trail

While waiting for aircrafts landing or taking off, I managed to get a few shots of lightning, this is one of them. I know it's just a speck but hey... it was great as a first time. If only the clouds were not in the way. More photos here.

Went for a road trip with Zul The Brunei Eye down to Kuala Belait. And we managed to do some bird shots from the car.... lol... we were vewy vewy quiet... and shot *no we didn't kill it, just froze it's soul and made it motionless and turned it into a photograph* 2 different birds having 2 different frogs.

*No birds were harmed during this photo shoot except for those frogs they're trying to eat*
More Photos here.

Went to Marilyn Cake House with Zul TBE and my girlfriend Syazlie to meet Diney and Miss Lulu. We had lunch there.

Miss Lulu and Syazlie

The Brunei Eye coloring.


and they surprised me with a birthday cake *it was one day advanced*
Thank you honey and to the BFF crews, Zul TBE, Diney and Miss Lulu. More photos here.

Shooting horses *no we didn't kill any* at the BSRC Riding Club. More photos here.

Then me, Syazlie and Zul The Brunei Eye went to OGDC as there were the RTB carnival.. *but we didn't see much* so we went in and played.... it was fun!

the tornado *More photos here.*

Went to Billionth Barrel to do a photoshoot with Syazlie using one flash strobing technique.

More photos here.

also did a sunset shoot. More photos here.

Went to shoot sunset on my birthday at Jerudong Beach. It was awesome.
More photos here.

I was sent on a 2 day course as one of the Emergency Airlines Respond Team.

More photos here.

Was invited to my uncles birthday, Pg. Hj. Othman Pg. Anak Hashim at the Airport Restaurant.

More photos here.