Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Simpur Bloggies awards

I wasn't aware of this actually til I read it at Rano's site. With only a few days left, you have a chance to nominate your favourite photog blog and you will never know a photog might just win the whole competition *hehe* There are tons of list to choose from (under Photojournalist).

photo taken from www.ranoadaidas.com

It's now time for you to nominate your favourite Photo blogs!
You can now nominate for the third category of The Simpur Bloggies, the Best Photo Blog! Blogs from the Photo Journalists category of the Bruneian Blogs Directory can only be nominated. The nominations phase will last for only two weeks, until 19th November 2007, so make sure you pick your favourites now!

All you have to do is email your nomination entry, which is a list of your top 3 favorite Photo blogs, including a reason for why you chose your 1st choice blog to dstmm.content@simpur.net bn.

Please also include your Name, Address, I.C. Number & Contact Details. Click here for an example of a nomination entry.

The best nominator's reason for their 1st choice blog, as chosen by Simpur, will win some great prizes!

The top 5 nominated blogs will be up for a public vote to determine the winner of the Best Photo Blog. You'll be able to start voting for the Best Photo Blog on November 24th 2007.

For a complete schedule of events in The Simpur Bloggies, including when other blog categories will be up for nominations and votes, please click here.

Nomination Rules & Regulations
- Blogs listed under the Photo Journalists category of the Bruneian Blogs Directory can only be nominated.
- Only one email address per nomination entry is accepted.
- Incomplete nomination & personal contact details will not be entertained.
- An owner of a blog is not allowed to vote for their own blog/s, but can vote for other blogs.
- Previous category winners & best nominators will not be eligible to win in another category.
- Nominations can be made by all Bruneian Residents, excluding DST Group employees.
- Nominations will only be accepted until 12pm, 19th November 2007.

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