Monday, November 26, 2007

Inderaloka Biru (Blue Eden) 24/11/07

As usual, every Saturday, I went out with my parents, my sis and Aiman (if dad or I'm not working overtime or Aiman not sleeping over Manggis)we'll go out for shopping or just family day out. For lunch I brought the family over to Inderaloka Biru (Blue Eden).

Here are the food we ordered.


Chicken (We loved this the most! Especially the gravy!)

Fish Mango

and my favourite Tom Yam Soup

Aiman ate two helpings (for a little boy!)

and yes, their trademark. Huge drinks!

It was the first time I brought my parents over. Was a bit nervous recommending restaurants to Mom (as she's a cook herself and also in the food business, she's also a food critic. If she doesn't like the food or environtment, she won't step her food into the place again) And guess what?! They liked it. And I got the thumbs up for bringing them there. Maybe we'll go again when we're in Kiulap area.

What my parents like about Blue Eden was (just as Zali explained to me during the fasting months) the efficiency of the staffs. The drinks came out 2 mins after ordering (you were right bro.) and the food came soon after. So we didn't even wait long for our food. I was at Guan Chuan looking at a camera bag and mom had to call me to eat (and take photo of the food or they'll eat it). ;p