Wednesday, October 31, 2007

MV Doulos - 27/10/07

I'm gonna put the raya pics on hold and post these first. More raya pics will be posted. ;)

photo credit to BB and bahapakitani

About MV Doulos:

It was built in 1914, just two years after the Titanic sank. World's largest floating book fair on board. Oldest active ocean-going passenger ship in the world. The MV Doulos has visited over 100 countries in Latin America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Arabian Peninsula. Over 19 million people have climbed the ship's gangways over the past 28 years, Sheikhs, princes, prime ministers and presidents have greeted this "Grand Old Lady Of The Sea".

All the 300 crewmembers live on board and represent approximately 50 different nations serving on a voluntarily basis - sponsored by their family and friends. The crew has also been involved in providing long-term humanitarian aid in areas of great need or tragedy such as Sudan, Mozambique, India and Sri Lanka.

Aside from the book fair, the public will also be treated to an international cultural show on board the ship.

Here's the schedule for the ship's opening - closing hours.

Courtesy of BB and bahapakitani

Went there after softball practice (well, went home to shower first) on the first day last Saturday. It was marvelous. The vessel was huge. And the books were on sale with a very good price. Bought some souveniours on board, luckily I brought some money. (but not enough to buy a lot)

MV Doulos


wanted to get this, didn't bring enough cash

the crews / cashier

nice painting.... reminds me of Rozi's work

there's also Cofee Bean & Tea Leaf on board

The exit

with me was Nikonian, Mac37 and Rudy

We went there a bit late and it was almost closing time so we decided to leave and come back the next day after softball match (that's another story here) but it rained the next day and I was really exhausted. So I went on Monday instead... ah... that's another post. ;p

Monday, October 29, 2007

Got tagged!

While waiting for my photos to be sorted, I haven't post any but will do later tonight. (I was tagged by Nullie, I never got tagged and always asked them not to but the girl did anyway). Anak Brunei did it, so just for the fun of it, here goes.

Tell us your name:
Boy, Khairil, GoD's GiFT!, GG ;p

Three things about yourself:
Simple, Casual and Loves Culture.

What's in your playlist:
White Horse - DJ Tiesto (I think!)

Your favourite music:
Rock, Alternative, Grunge, R&B and Classic

Favourite food:
Chinese and Italian

Define love:
Love is love

Any celebrity crushes:
Jessica Alba, Anne Hathaway, Kiera Knightley

The last person you hugged:

The last person you talked to:
My Dad

The last time you cried:
My little brother's funeral
(May Allah have mercy on his soul... Al-fatihah)

The last time you had sex:
hmmm..... it was.... hmmm....
(*Censored by ;p

The last time you made out:
heheh..... ;p

The last person you dated:
Whoa! Who was it ah?!... have to check my journal
(I don't have one, really!) ;p

The last time you went out:
Last nite...

What's on your mind now?:
Nikon 70-200mm VR f/2.8

What's bothering you?:
Should've bought the Nikon D80 now thinking of Nikon D300 or D3
(Racun benar kamu ni. You know who you are!) ;p

This year's resolutions:
Be my best!

Your MSN nick:
GoD's GiFT!

What's your MSN nick about?:
"Est Sularus Oth Mithas" = "My Honor Is Life"

The people you miss the most:
My late little brother: Ammar Fitri @ Alai
(I love and miss him so much! May Allah have mercy on his soul... Al-fatihah)

Current mood:
Bored! And can't wait to get off work!

What are you thinking?:
I wanna play around with the new laptop, just bought yesterday.. ;)

Best childhood memory:
Playing with all my new toys, birthdays, going abroad (mostly Singapore) every month sometimes twice a month and also Fun World at Parkway Parade, Singapore.

3 of your biggest fears:
Spiders, Bees and Ghosts ;p

Who do you love?:
My mom, My dad, my whole family, my gf, my friends

3 of the things you hate:
Arguments, betrayal, dishonest

Do you blog?:

Tag 5 people:
Rozi, Eatsnad, Nikonian, Mac37 & Ucingitam
or anyone who wants to play... especially the guys at iso [i saw] or Motionshooter
(hey that's another 5 people) ;p

Friday, October 26, 2007

6th Raya - 18/10/07

6th day of raya and Pa Jamal and Pa Jaba made a joint open house. The family attended and gathered and ate. A perfect photo-shoot opportunity.

Beloved Mom

Nini Tengah

the adults watching fireworks display

the kids watching fireworks display

My first attempt to shoot fireworks on a tripod... LOL...

This is where they always hang out in the afternoon through evening.

Went to Bu Alai's house after that. Another photo opportunity. And I showed Nullie my new 50mm lens. She and Wan Chai played around with it and as soon as I told them that it can be used to shoot macro. I didn't get the camera back til it was time for the family photo-shoot.

What's the commotion?!



After everyone left, Nullie asked me to take some photo of her and Wan Chai. And I end up taking photo of the family. Cool... My first family album photo-shoot.

Bu Alai and family

joking around

Nullie and Wan Chai

Then Bu Alai and family came over my house and met up with Babu Umi and family and Bang Jeff and family.

Watching "Deal Or No Deal" (Indonesian version)

Babu Umi posing with Aiman

Look, that's us!

5th Day Raya - 17/10/07

Went to Mila's fiance's house with the family on the 5th day and others but I only brought the camera down here.

Aiman & The Gang

cute lil' Sabrina

Group photo

at the left corner: The men

and at the right corner: The ladies

Sunday, October 21, 2007

3rd and 4th raya - 15 & 16/10/07

Went to my aunt's house on the 3rd raya and didn't get to take a lot of shots of the fireworks. I was inside with Aiman holding the fireworks for him given by my aunt and uncle when I heard the fireworks been played outside. I ran to my car to fetch my camera and this was my only shot. LOL....

Aiman and his fireworks

4th Day Raya

4th day raya we went to Rano's open house at Beribi with Rudy, met Ahim, Ucingitam, CPS Brunei, Jim747, Souljah, Anak Brunei and lots of familiar faces.

At Rano's open house

the host

not a photog, just someone from AF

the camera that I nearly bought

but fell in love with this

our very own Kristal Kids Idol


strobing attempt?!

we'll just leave it to the master strobist

Nikon 70-200mm VR *SIGH!*

RJ63 with the 70-200mm *I WANT!*

After Rano's house I went to Sharul's house and his son was asking for camera. We didn't understand at first and we found out that he wanted his picture to be taken.

At Sharul's house

Like mother like son [soon to be model]

a back pose?!

ladies in the house

men outside the house