Thursday, March 13, 2008

Reinhard's Farewell Gathering 02 - 22/02/08

Reinhard had an official farewell gathering at the Maintenance Planning Conference Room and was officiated by our EVP of Engineering, Kamal Ariffin.

Kamal Arrifin giving speech

and Reinhard giving farewell speech 'again'

A souveniour from his secretary

Reinhard's Secretary

He's based in Manila now, as a Resident Airbus Representative. He told me he's also into photography. He's got Nikon D70s, D80 and D200 and lots of Nikkor lenses, a whole bag of them (he told me). I wish I knew earlier, I could buy some of his lens off him. Or at least bring him to outings with the rest of the BFF Crews.

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