Tuesday, March 25, 2008

BFF Anniversary - 23/03/08

Yesterday, Brunei Forever Forum celebrated it's first anniversary at Blue Eden Restaurant in Kiulap. BFF is an informal photography group with a very strong number and are spread out to all 4 districts of Brunei Darussalam. You can see us in little, corporate and even major events, like National Day, His Majesty The Sultan's Birthday and the recently Maulud procession. And you will see us in more events in the coming future as the number is getting stronger.

Having started with only a few members, it started growing until now. I myself joined in last year and I'm proud to be part of it. As for today, there are 184 members registered under the forum consisting of photobloggers, photographers from professional to hobbyist or just shooting for fun. The forum is open to everyone, from otais to juniors, to join us, "friendship" is a must and the only membership fee.

The forum was where we post our photos and let it be commented or criticized. It's where we learn from each other... with the occasional "Thread Derailment". LOL ;p and I try not to miss anything in the forum. Because it's also where we plan our next outings and also confirming the weekly JC or BE sessions.

Check out the article in Brunei Times yesterday :)


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