Thursday, March 13, 2008

Reinhard's Farewell Gathering 01 - 15/02/08

Reinhard, our Resident Airbus Representative who stayed with RBA since 2004 had a mini farewell gathering with the Tech Services and Maintenance Planning staffs. The farewell was held in my old office room. I miss that room. heheh... ;)

Present was Pg. Abd. Rahman, the Maintenance Planning Superintendant to give away the golden rotary blade to Reinhard as a souveniour for his services to RBA.

this used to be my office

I made that RBA destination mural. That's where my desk used to be.

Pg. Abd. Rahman giving speech.

Pg. Abd. Rahman giving away the souveniour to Reinhard.

Reinhard giving his farewell speech

Reinhard's Secretary

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