Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mauludil Rasul - 20/03/08

Went to Bandar early morning today for the Mauludil Rasul procession. It's the anniversary of the birthday of Prophet Muhammad (praise be upon him). It's done anually and the procession headed by our beloved monarch, His Majesty the Sultan himself.

RBA contigent in front of RBA Plaza

arrival of His Majesty

His Majesty with the Royal entourage on the Royal Dais

RBA personnel waiting for His Majesty

His Majesty greeting his subjects participating in the procession

the Royal Canon was fired

the nasyid


His Majesty heading the procession

Went back to RBA Plaza to rest, and I needed air-conditioning. (And I forgot to use sun block!) Took a shot of the ladies and went in for the doa to be read.

reading of the doa

Had a really fun time taking photos of the event with the BFF crew. Eventhough there were some hassle when trying to take photos of His Majesty the Sultan. Some photogs just doesn't care about others, very selfish and rude. And they're "PRO". What they're lack are... humility and courtesy. Tsk... tsk... and we Bruneians are suppose to be very courteous.

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