Friday, March 21, 2008

ITF Junior Championship - 22/03/08

More floaters! Went to the Tennis Complex for the ITF Junior Championship. Haven't played tennis for a while, and these kids are really good. I like taking shots while they're serving. Especially if the server is in the air. It reminds me of my matches. My cousins hated my serves, I just love giving aces. My idols before (and actually still) were Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi. Oh well, will come back to court one of these days.

I know... all ladies... here's one guy. heheh... ;p His serves were powerful. But his second serves are slooow....

Didn't stay long, it was freaking hot. And I didn't use sun block. Don't want to be burned again. Maybe tomorrow, if I have the time. Now I need to recharge... not the camera battery but me. I have a match to cover tonight. ;)

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