Sunday, March 16, 2008

DST Women's Sports Day - 2nd Day - 15/03/08 - Part 01

Went to Indoor Stadium last Saturday to cover the DST Women Sport Day. 2nd day was netball, missed the track & field and netball on the first day as I was working Friday.

I thought of only covering RBA Ladies team to submit to our monthly newspaper "Berita". Then I met friends from different teams. I only stayed for a while, shoot some photos and went off. Lighting was really low. Luckily I had the 80-200mm but there was a minor problem with the contacts.

RBA Team

vs Brunei Shell


I think this is KKB
we won!

my cousin in-law and niece

Brunei Shell

some of them are my ex-Karate students

the technical committee

Why this is part 1? I will post more photos of action. Especially my favourite photos and more of floating ladies. ;p

More photos here.

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