Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Sunday Outing

Last weekend was full of events and I can only go to a few. Went to the Dental Fun Day, at Old Airport, saw this huge tooth and jaw.

Then went to GHK Family Day. There were games, which coupons sold for $1 each and all proceeds goes to charity. When I went inside, the whole showroom was packed with kids colouring for the colouring contest but this one kid caught my eye.

Busy colouring

I'm done

After GHK, we went to Tungku Beach for the Kite Flying Festival (missed the kite making demo at Riverview Hotel) demonstration by two kite experts from Japan. Nikonian, CPS Brunei, Airbiscuit, Kulimpapat and a whole lot of shutterbugs was there. I heard them saying Montelo came late (didn't get the chance to meet him). This is the first time I went outing with the other photogs. Nice meeting all of you guys.

Little Miss Photog

Mr. ~Eohashi

Then off I went to Ong Sum Ping coz Pasadena had a friendly match against Red Arrows. (didn't really get a lot of photos, coz I came at the last few innings and I was really exhausted. I'll post the pictures at my softball site when I have time.)

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