Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Kite Festival

After the KKBS Roadshow, went to Tungku Beach for the Kite Festival and the sky was full of kites.

A kite stall

Runaway kites

On the lookout!

Ready for take-off?!

It's up



Awe! 2 lovers fiddling with the kite (notice the heart on the bag)


Linear formation

I was taking photo of this little girl on the tricycle and when...

the sister just stepped into view...

and modeled.

Pirate ship airborne?!

Ah! Shells!.....
It was fun. And we're suppose to go to Berakas Beach next for the MS Reunion BBQ but they finished up early coz they got raided by monkeys. Hahaha... Should've been there to take pictures. Must be hillarious.

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