Thursday, August 16, 2007

From Jakarta..

The pictures aren't big enough for me. These are taken from Rano. Cos he's got the best group photos among everybody else.

From left, tok dukun, doctor, zorro, engineer, phantom of the opera, biker dude, skeleton, undertaker, karate dude.

from left, gypsy, witch, dracula, ice queen, cowgirl, mechanic, biker chick, angel.

there were a few more people who came in costume but alas they didn't want to come on stage.

last i heard from Nikonian, he won a blender.

GoD's GiFT Jakarta news;
I'm having a very tiring time in Jakarta, everyday classes will start from 8am till noon, and in the afternoon they will have a practical and then back in the classrooms again. I'm studying at the moment for exam tomorrow. exhausted! Haven't even been out to enjoy my time here, kesian... the Jakarta ladies team play as fast as the Brunei mens team.. and the Japan ladies team are there as well for training and they are a whole lot more faster than the Jakarta team...

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