Sunday, August 26, 2007

From Jakarta with love!...

2 weeks in Jakarta. Arrived Jakarta on the 13th and returned last night. Very tiring.... I had fun though. Lots of subjects to take pics. But I left my camera at the hotel for a couple of days. It was too hot and I had to walk from the hotel to the classroom (about 30 mins walking distance.) Capek deh! hehehe.... [an expression used by Indonesians when they're tired.]

We start class at 8.30am and class ended at 9pm [some are at the softball field doing practicals on umpire rotations], had dinner and walk back to the hotel. [After 15 mins walking back, we get hungry again.]

Here are the photos I took when I first took off until I arrived Jakarta.

'AMAZING!' was all I could say.

A plane taking off as we taxiied.

Jakarta, here I come.

A giant hand phone just outside the airport.

A monument which I forgot what it was called.

A real haunted house in Pondok Indah. They made a movie based on this house.
'Rumah Angker di Pondok Indah'

A mosque somewhere [Named Masjid Jami Darussalam]

The shopping malls in Senayan

Flags [independence day of Indonesia is on the 17 of August]

'Koran pak...' [Newspaper sir....]

I stayed at this hotel. The Sultan Hotel, A 5 star Hotel. [which was formerly Hilton]

The view from my room. Fantastic.

Will post more soon. Will post in my multiply as well [The softball photos].

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