Friday, August 31, 2007

Mini Brunei Adventure Race at Jerudong Park Playground 26-08-07

Just got back from Jakarta the night before and I couldn't wake up. Really tired... capek deh... I came a bit late but still can made it before the prize giving ceremony. Plus to shoot some fun...

The stage

Start and Finish Line

Trying out the ropes... we get to play

Getting ready...

Guess who wants to play as well....

The prize giving ceremony

The organizers


The guest of honour

Did I mention organizers and guests....

The MC

4th place

3rd place

2nd place

1st place

Group photos

After the prize giving Mike went up on stage and called everyone to join him dance 'I Believe'

Power of 'I Believe'... Mike's floating in mid-air... ;p

Guess who's on stage? But not to dance...

And it's time to go home...


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