Sunday, October 7, 2007

Ramadhan Carnival

Long awaited post.. sorry but the internet connection was a bit f@#%&* up! So I couldn't post for almost a week plus I've been neglecting my multiply so I updated that first and now this. The ramadhan carnival was held at Indoor Stadium and all these were on sale....


bracelets, jeweleries, accessories, etc...

below are my friends' and my family's favorite jewelery booth

carpets, rugs, mats

'sinjangs', 'tudungs', 'kains', textiles

to computers

the smallest and cheapest tablet notebook

More here and here

Went there twice actually, evening of 27th with Mac37 and Nikonian. And next day with Rano.

Then there's Malek Noor promoting the Quantum Pendant but then again, that's another post. I hope internet connection gets better tomorrow.

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