Sunday, October 21, 2007

3rd and 4th raya - 15 & 16/10/07

Went to my aunt's house on the 3rd raya and didn't get to take a lot of shots of the fireworks. I was inside with Aiman holding the fireworks for him given by my aunt and uncle when I heard the fireworks been played outside. I ran to my car to fetch my camera and this was my only shot. LOL....

Aiman and his fireworks

4th Day Raya

4th day raya we went to Rano's open house at Beribi with Rudy, met Ahim, Ucingitam, CPS Brunei, Jim747, Souljah, Anak Brunei and lots of familiar faces.

At Rano's open house

the host

not a photog, just someone from AF

the camera that I nearly bought

but fell in love with this

our very own Kristal Kids Idol


strobing attempt?!

we'll just leave it to the master strobist

Nikon 70-200mm VR *SIGH!*

RJ63 with the 70-200mm *I WANT!*

After Rano's house I went to Sharul's house and his son was asking for camera. We didn't understand at first and we found out that he wanted his picture to be taken.

At Sharul's house

Like mother like son [soon to be model]

a back pose?!

ladies in the house

men outside the house

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