Monday, October 29, 2007

Got tagged!

While waiting for my photos to be sorted, I haven't post any but will do later tonight. (I was tagged by Nullie, I never got tagged and always asked them not to but the girl did anyway). Anak Brunei did it, so just for the fun of it, here goes.

Tell us your name:
Boy, Khairil, GoD's GiFT!, GG ;p

Three things about yourself:
Simple, Casual and Loves Culture.

What's in your playlist:
White Horse - DJ Tiesto (I think!)

Your favourite music:
Rock, Alternative, Grunge, R&B and Classic

Favourite food:
Chinese and Italian

Define love:
Love is love

Any celebrity crushes:
Jessica Alba, Anne Hathaway, Kiera Knightley

The last person you hugged:

The last person you talked to:
My Dad

The last time you cried:
My little brother's funeral
(May Allah have mercy on his soul... Al-fatihah)

The last time you had sex:
hmmm..... it was.... hmmm....
(*Censored by ;p

The last time you made out:
heheh..... ;p

The last person you dated:
Whoa! Who was it ah?!... have to check my journal
(I don't have one, really!) ;p

The last time you went out:
Last nite...

What's on your mind now?:
Nikon 70-200mm VR f/2.8

What's bothering you?:
Should've bought the Nikon D80 now thinking of Nikon D300 or D3
(Racun benar kamu ni. You know who you are!) ;p

This year's resolutions:
Be my best!

Your MSN nick:
GoD's GiFT!

What's your MSN nick about?:
"Est Sularus Oth Mithas" = "My Honor Is Life"

The people you miss the most:
My late little brother: Ammar Fitri @ Alai
(I love and miss him so much! May Allah have mercy on his soul... Al-fatihah)

Current mood:
Bored! And can't wait to get off work!

What are you thinking?:
I wanna play around with the new laptop, just bought yesterday.. ;)

Best childhood memory:
Playing with all my new toys, birthdays, going abroad (mostly Singapore) every month sometimes twice a month and also Fun World at Parkway Parade, Singapore.

3 of your biggest fears:
Spiders, Bees and Ghosts ;p

Who do you love?:
My mom, My dad, my whole family, my gf, my friends

3 of the things you hate:
Arguments, betrayal, dishonest

Do you blog?:

Tag 5 people:
Rozi, Eatsnad, Nikonian, Mac37 & Ucingitam
or anyone who wants to play... especially the guys at iso [i saw] or Motionshooter
(hey that's another 5 people) ;p

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