Friday, October 26, 2007

6th Raya - 18/10/07

6th day of raya and Pa Jamal and Pa Jaba made a joint open house. The family attended and gathered and ate. A perfect photo-shoot opportunity.

Beloved Mom

Nini Tengah

the adults watching fireworks display

the kids watching fireworks display

My first attempt to shoot fireworks on a tripod... LOL...

This is where they always hang out in the afternoon through evening.

Went to Bu Alai's house after that. Another photo opportunity. And I showed Nullie my new 50mm lens. She and Wan Chai played around with it and as soon as I told them that it can be used to shoot macro. I didn't get the camera back til it was time for the family photo-shoot.

What's the commotion?!



After everyone left, Nullie asked me to take some photo of her and Wan Chai. And I end up taking photo of the family. Cool... My first family album photo-shoot.

Bu Alai and family

joking around

Nullie and Wan Chai

Then Bu Alai and family came over my house and met up with Babu Umi and family and Bang Jeff and family.

Watching "Deal Or No Deal" (Indonesian version)

Babu Umi posing with Aiman

Look, that's us!

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