Friday, December 7, 2007

Thanksgiving Dinner and Isra's Birthday 24/11/07

Went to Thanksgiving Dinner (doa kesyukuran) for the kids passing their class this year. And it was also Isra's birthday. It was held at Pajamal's house. Since Nikonian's 80-200mm AF-S was with me, I used it and wow! I had fun with it. Love the lens!

Alai Umi


Bang Bidi and brother and sister inlaws

The food

Bluto was there as usual

Beloved Mom

and Dad

Bang Jeff

Ka Jijah


Babu Umi showing off her crab

Pa Jaba

Uncle Mus

Nullie took this (Wan Chai)

Babu Umi (looking at)

her friend

the birthday cake

the birthday boy

can't wait for the cake

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