Wednesday, December 5, 2007

RBA Fun Day at RBRC 02/12/07

After umpiring (yes I was plate umpire again) the President's Cup Ladies Final, I went straight to RBRC for the RBA Fun Day with JrStret37. Didn't stay long though, had to go back to the Softball park for our match at 1pm.

The Fun Day was organised in conjunction with the Aviation Safety Week, jointly hosted between DCA (Departnebt of Civil Aviation) and RBA (Royal Brunei Airlines) at the Mall Gadong this coming 10th - 13th of Dec, 2007. To make the Fun Day more interesting and lively, the committee organised a colouring competition for kids, pony and horse rides, bouncers and car-boot sales.

Here are the photos of last Sundays RBA Fun Day.


and the car boot sale

toys for sale

DVDs for sale

the Master Strobist (in daylight?!) ;p

with his *SIGH!* new toy, (tried it, love it, hate him) ;p
Nikon D300 + 70-200mm VR (very powerful combo!)

a very big chipmunk. what mascot? No idea!

registration booth

the multi-purpose hall was packed with kids

sunny side up

2 WWE Superstars also made an appearance there

so CUTE!

the kids wants gifts

sing and you'll get presents

but he wants to pose for the camera

very cute, she sang Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You"

while the boy keeps looking for camera *stealing the spotlight*

Bat Boy was there

He really love to pose for the camera

a lost child *hmph! some parents just forgets!*

she saw and...



the little gangster

the cute flower girl

an old friend of the family

smile for daddy

Bahrin Jr.

Uncle Lee and family

the horsey....

ever seen a horse smile? No? Now you do...

waiting for the pony

look, I'm riding a pony

what else after pony? bouncer time!

the black cat in action


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