Saturday, December 22, 2007

Aiman And The Gang @ NBT Frosty Village - 17/12/07

I was doing a photoshoot at my local haunt when Mom called and said Aiman and the gang wanted to take pictures at NBT Frosty Village. So I went there and took these photos. These kids were a handful. But I love taking photo of kids as they are very photogenic.

Okay, now... I was sad and angry to see this and why was that?! It's because of IDIOTS like these ones below. These are vandalism and also disobeying. They ruined the display given to us for free and made me lost my mood to take photos. The display wasn't as pretty as I first came. They were also endangering themselves for not obeying the signs. They can't be blind, or else they can't be 'sms'ing and taking pictures. I hope the management and the authorities put CCTV around and catch whoever did these. It was a disgrace!

the wool ruined

that child's life is in danger, what if she was electrocuted?!

and the sign was just in front of him!

Can't read?!

They ruined the 'snow' on the grass just by stepping onto it.

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