Friday, December 14, 2007

Aviation Safety Week 12/12/07

Went to The Mall Gadong last Wednesday evening and went to the Aviation Safety Week booth. Took photos of aircrafts. (I just love aircrafts!) The exhibition was a joint hosted by DCA (Department of Civil Aviation) and RBA (Royal Brunei Airlines) also at the exhibition was BSP (Brunei Shell Petroleum) and RBAF (Royal Brunei Air Force).

The Arch?!

The banner

Ahh... Boeing 777 (wonder when it will arrive)

Boeing 787 Dreamliner, We'll get this in 2009

Airbus A380, The biggest passenger aircraft

RBA's model of Airbus

Derek giving children toy airplanes

Model of RBA's Boeing 767 V8-RBF

RBA staffs

Derek tweaking his notebook

Last week's RBA Fun Day Colouring Competition's Winners displayed here

*ready to fly* reminds me of "Top Gun"

RBAF's display

The fly boys of RBAF

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