Saturday, September 22, 2007


I went out with my dad last week and these lights caught my eye. You can't miss it. It's YMRM textile store at Tungku Link Highway. Dad decided to check it out. And my camera and me agreed. ;p

Apparently they're having a Raya Sale. Sale throughout the whole month of Ramadhan. Sale of up to 50%. Would you believe that... up to 50%. And setting of the place was gorgeous.

On sale

*Sorry I have to scratch the prices. Don't want the competitors to know. ;p

Want to know the price? Come on down to YMRM, don't forget to bring your money, coz you wouldn't resist their offers. They've got almost everything from imported textiles, shoes, bags, lights, furniture, oh I could go on.... heheh... Your everyday lifestyle and all [well almost all] your raya needs.

Raya lights for sale. Many choices. Good price too.

These wonderful lights are also for up for selling. Met the owner, Mr. Belly [obviously his nickname] told me he brought these from Korea and they got the concept from the Cherry Blossom Tree of Japan. [Sis told me it's like from the Korean series 'Winter Sonata'. Dad told me they reminded him when he was in Japan during the winter.]

I would love to have them on my front yard. Would really brighten up the house, especially during raya. Want to know the price, go ahead to YMRM and ask them. Because I can't reveal it here. ;p

Dad and Aiman really like the trees, especially this. And so do I.

The staffs turned on the bubble maker and we started playing around.

One of the staffs asked me to take his photo. Well, I hope you're happy.

The owner's nephew, thanks for showing me around dude.

Apparently I wasn't the only one taking photo there. These two are from UK and they're taking pictures of YMRM from the other side of the road. They're gong to publish it in the Wallpaper Magazine. I guess it's a UK magazine. I'll be really proud that a magazine from UK will publish our local buildings, stores and landmarks. Cool...


  1. Love the interior pics, macam dalam magazine. You should have jumped up and down masa the UK dudes ambil gambar..ada jua your pic dalam magazine durang lol


  2. I think they took me while i was taking pictures outside and while we were playing around with the bubbles.