Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Gadong Outing

We went for our second ramadhan outing on Monday. This time we raided the Gadong stalls. It was really smoky there. We had to guard our lenses against the oils. But we still had fun.

I never can get enough of 'Tungking' [Chicken's end a.k.a. Solomon's Nose]

The buffet table

A new type of ABC?! Purple in colour

And a great view of Ridzquin. You can see more here

Photogs who showed up weren't as many as Friday's. Probably because of the 5 minutes rain [ok make it 15 minutes rain], some of them pulled out at the last minute. And a certain someone thought we went to Stadium again. *snicker* So there was me with Mac37, Eatsnad, Motionshooter, Ucingitam and Airbiscuit. As usual Eatsnad and Motionshooter went M.I.A. soon after. *BISKUT* ;p


  1. I think too much tilted. Mcm bangunan nya kan tumbang.

  2. hmm... gotta do better

    hey, they've got Leaning Tower of Pisa, we've got Leaning Mall of ARH ;p