Friday, September 7, 2007

Vienna At The Vanda

Setting of the table [I sat at the No. 2 table]

I went for the 35th Anniversary Dinner of Brunei Music Society at Vanda Chinese Restaurant at Orchid Garden Hotel with a theme 'Vienna at the Vanda' serving Austrian Dinner Buffet . [ironic isn't it? Chinese restaurant, Viennese food?]

Austrian Dinner Buffet including Goulasch, Wiener Schnitzel [Chicken], Paprika Fish, Gefulhes Krauf [Stuffed Cabbage], Rindsrouladen [Beef Rolls], Sachertorte, Brandteigkrapfen [Profitroles], Burgenlaendischer [Fish ala Burgenland], Kartoffel Purree Mit Gerastefem Knoblanch [Roasted Garlic Mashed Potato], Grilled Vegetables, Reis [Steamed Fragrant Rice], WildRice with Pecan and more was in the menu.

People even dressed for the theme, 'Vienna at the Vanda' and what's dinner with the music society without live music? For the background music as we dine were international artists playing piano and flute music - Mozart, Chopin, French, Polish and Viennese music by Vanessa [pianist] and Janusz Kwasny on the flute.

The musicians

Viennese Composer

Viennese mountaineer

Jigsaw School staffs with the musicians

Actually this is the 2nd time I went to a BMS function. The first one was the 100th Anniversary of Mozart at Mabohai Club many months ago.

I enjoyed it a lot. I'm going to join the Brunei Music Society and become a member.

Happy faces at the dinner


  1. So - have you joined BMS yet??

    We have another great concert this friday - classical spanish guitar - OGH 730 as usual!

    email me:

    And more next year.

    [Love your photos - especially the Food - it's a very hunger-creating blog!!!]

  2. Thanks for the comment. No I haven't joined BMS yet.

    I've moved to my own site which is and you can email me with updates at

    If the photo makes you hungry, I take it as a compliment, which means the photo is good enough to eat. Thanks. ;)