Sunday, September 23, 2007

Stadium Outing

Last Friday the Stadium Ramadhan Stalls was raided by a group of people geared with full equipments and their orders were to aim and shoot. No there were not the SWAT team , there were photogs. 14 of them raided the site armed with Nikons and Canons DSLR camera with gears like Fish-eye and Wide-angle lens. And one Fujifilm Digital Camera. ;p

More can be found here

Roll call, Photographers present there were: Myself, Rano, Ucingitam, Anak Brunei, Souljah, Aku, Nikonian, Ber, RJ63, CPS, Mac37, Eatsnad with her cousin Bella, MotionShooter, Airbiscuit and the guys ran into Karyawan, who was there on a solo mission. [I've yet to meet him.]

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  1. Syok eh kamu ah... Waaa!!! I miss Ramadhan d bunei!!!! *sniff*