Friday, January 14, 2011

Moolah.. Cash.. Fulus.. Money Money Money...

Money.. Money.. Money... I remember this song from the eighties and every time I need money, I kinda sing the tune automatically...

The world nowadays evolve around money.. not like it used to be.. It used to be so fun to be a kid not worrying about money.. Financial management is what I need (I know someone will agree fully on this ;p and will say I need to save up.. but don't.. I'm warning you!).

But just when I was going to save up more, there comes the financial tide where needs and wants come to the attention. My beloved D300's shutter died in the middle of a corporate event coverage.. few days later I bought a D300s and sent the D300 for a new shutter leaf installation. Before that I was supposed to buy a fast zoom lens because my 80-200mm f/2.8 AF-S (very few have this lens.. especially in Brunei) lens is broken and repairing it is almost the price of a new lens.. so I'm gonna buy a 70-200mm f/2.8 AF-S VR. It's for my job, I'm a sports photo journalist and without a fast zoom lens, I can only take group photos. That's not a thrilling job that I signed up for. And especially if I need to take photos of royalties.. His Majesty, The Crown Prince, The Grand Vizier, The Princesses, etc.. So that's a couple of thousands... and my laptop (the other one which I use to do photo post processing and all) is broken and my hard disks are full.. so I need a new hard disk and the laptop.. more money to spend and just this morning the D300 arrived (it's repaired to a new condition) and I need to pick it up soon... all these at the same time.. I'm gonna have to think of a way to get all these and it's a few more weeks to payday and more months to go for bonus.

I just wished I hit the lottery jackpot so that I can pay off my loans, and did I mention I have to clear my credit cards.. no more using them.. I'm gonna cut everything... If I can clear off everything and get my gears. I'll be a happy man and I can sleep soundly every night.

One lesson, don't use the credit card unless it's an emergency and pay it punctually coz the late charges kills you.. hahah.. (no, it's not a laughing matter.. then why am I laughing?), save up for a rainy day.. (well it's raining everyday now and I haven't been able to save up yet)..

This year, I'll get through it slowly and I hope once I get my financial right (my way.. someone try to say it's wrong and I'll stop saving completely.. I'm a bit rebellious and I'm not proud of it but I wanna do things MY WAY!!)

Well, just another random rambling of my life.. If only these things get broken one at a time. it'll be easy to pay.. but all at once is a knife in the throat..

Until next time.. owh yea.. I need to start uploading photos again.. and pay my flickr account and I think the website's due for payment.. LOL..

I think I might go back to do some event or even wedding photography... but the market nowadays.. some people look for cheap and quantity rather than quality of the photos... Well.. back to the drawing board.. gonna help out with the family business soon.. need the extra cash.. (means no Harley Davidson or a new car but I'm gonna clear off all my debts).

Til my next ramblings... For now, I'm gonna concentrate more on my career.. my photography.. MY LIFE... ;)

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