Monday, January 17, 2011

Long Sunday

Yesterday was a normal Sunday but it seems very long to me.

1st of all, I woke up too early.. then I sent my sister to the softball field as she is one of the official scorers for the softball tournament. The I went off to the airport to cover some Takraw officials flying off to Thailand for a technical congress and they kinda knew my family and went on talking and talking... from sports, where I worked before, to my dad and to booking for a catering for their association's meeting.

Then went back to the softball field where we played in the semi finals.. after the match, I was covered with mud from head to toe.. literally.. I had to dive for a bunted fly ball and fell flat in the mud.

We lost the match and continued playing in the second semi final and yeah we managed to win that match and qualify ourselves to the grand final. Which we were informed to be played at a later date due to bad weather (it was raining heavily.. but we played both semi finals in the rain and mud) and unsatisfactory playing pitch.

So we decided to go to a local restaurant nearby to grab a bite.. I just arrived and ordered soto and Milo but I had to leave as I was informed that a house was on fire. I had to rush to the scene as I didn't want to miss out the flames. As I got there, I saw the house was engulfed by flames and only 1 fire engine was there. Moments later another fire truck came with an APU (don't ask me but I don't know what it is.. ask some fireman).

It was raining heavily and I watched as the firemen extinguished the flames but there were still lots of smoke and I was standing in the rain taking photos and waiting for information from the investigating and operational team for more than an hour and a half.

I finally got my information and went to the old house which was nearby to go to the toilet. When I went out, a customer who was buying satay hit my car as she was leaving. I was shocked.. it was still raining and I inspected the car. The lens of the front light was cracked as well as the turn light. We made an arrangement to bring it to a workshop.

So I left and went to the office and did three articles and found out that I forgot to take photos of softball (it was raining, I didn't wanna spoil my camera and my mind was set to only take the prize presentation.. which didn't occur as the grand final is postponed to a later date).

So I did my articles and finally when it's done I went off home, thinking I need a shower and sleep. A cat crossed the road and I had to brake real hard that my car skidded to a 90 degree angle on the road, (what's with cats with death wish? they tend to do that. cross the road but crossed back when they see a car coming and make the driver panicked.. cats are a bit dumb sometimes).. luckily there were no cars coming from the other side or I would have been six feet under by now. So I sorta turned the car and head home.. safely.

Til my next ramblings.. Drive safe..

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