Thursday, January 24, 2008

Miri Road Trip - 18/01/08

Last Friday the family and I accompanied with 'The Karaoke Gang' chartered a huge coach (bus) and went for a day return road trip to our neighbouring state, Miri. We had a really great time, had fun and very tiring as well. Here are the photos.

the kids were really excited

checking the lists

the queue at Brunei Immigration

exiting Brunei


the immigration post for cars

we went here 1st

Aiman was afraid of these

Mom and her buyings

for rent

at the tamu

*dutch tilt*


PaZaman and the kids

this kid was sitting there watching the whole movie

Chow time


Dad & Aiman

Moncoh and the girls

yummy chocolate coated ice cream

our cargo


best I can get from a moving bus that bounced


Mom & Dad

home at last

More photos here

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