Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cousins' Weddings - 13/01/08

Here's the reason I went 'hiatus' for a week. I was busy with my cousins wedding. Went to their house every night to do preparations and gathering. And of course to take photos of the other pre-wedding ceremonies.

Two of my cousins Hj. Zafiran and Andi Karmila Hj. Abd. Karim (siblings) got married at the same time today, it was held at Dewan Muhibah at Old Airport. I wish all the best to the newly weds.

Mila and Lutoi

Hj. Zafiran and Mila (same name with the sis huh!)

During the Ambil-ambilan ceremony at Dewan Muhibah in the evening
The brides and grooms seated with their parents

Congrats to both my cousins and their spouses on the wedding. Will post more soon or maybe I'll just pass you the cd. ;)

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