Friday, January 4, 2008

Consumer & Food Fair Pt 3 - 03/01/08

Went to ICC on Thursdy evening again. Here are the photos:

The Children Colouring Contest

Parents watching their kids colour

The registration booth

lots of visitors


I want that TV

and the Mini Melts

hangin out

au lait corner

nobody plays the Wheel of Fortune

except for these kids

'Mie Sedap' tasting booth

they cook it for you and put it in this tiny bowl

for us to eat... I mean sample ;p

loving that TV


haven't tried it out

More magic

I got souveniours from them ;)

ahh... QQ..

nice rims

the DJ



like their setting

at Roz Flower Boutique...

there's this chocolate fountain...

they have fruits or marshmallows to dip on

this was strawberry


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