Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sushi Marathon!

After Friday I have 2 days of rest (Saturday and Sunday, which is usually training and softball match). After taking pictures of Bandar, I was thinking of taking photos of the palace, Jame', Kiulap or Gadong area. Saturday night came and Sab called, she was bored and hungry. Told us to pick her up and bring her to Misato for Sushi. We met her cousins in the other room upstairs and Reeda was there too. I guess we ordered a lot. Our table was full (considering there was only 3 of us).

But we managed to finish all of it and we were pretty full. So to walk it off, I decided to go to Jame' Asr'. We parked at the side and walked around the pathway as I took pictures of the mosque at different angles. Sab asked me to shoot some flowers, ferns and signs as well.

I was really tired today and stayed home the whole day. Wanted to take pictures of sunset but it started to rain. So I canceled. Sab called again and invited us to eat sushi at Excapade.
Our order was also crowding the table but this time there were 4 of us, with Muiz (friend of Sab). As I was taking pictures of the food and Excapade's surroundings, the staffs asked to be photographed and when I agreed, they happily posed for me. They asked how do they get to see the pictures, told them they can see it here. (I guess they'll be happy after this).

Staffs of Excapade

After sushi, Sab wanted to go online so we went to Coffee Bean at Centrepoint but we didn't bring the lappy. So we went home early and here I am blogging about it.

Thanks for the sushi Sab. (2 nights in a row. Maybe Sushi Tei or Kaizen tomorrow? heheh...)

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