Friday, July 20, 2007

No Flash Photography for a week!

After another week of waiting (after my camera came), my flash finally came. I picked it up after work, and put in batteries. Went home and it started to rain at first, then storm. The whole row of houses at my village blacked out. Then on my way to Kebajikan Field, I saw the Fire Department Rescue Squad, apparently the roof of the house (front half of it) was blown off to the other house during the storm and I saw my chance of testing my new flash.

It was the Men's Final and Closing Ceremony for the BSM Brunei National Softball Tournament 2007 last night. But I was on duty beind the back-stop and it was raining. Then I drove around the town taking pictures.

Even tried a special effect, manually. I read about it in a book my uncle gave me.

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