Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Updates... of June 2009 ;)

Okay, updates... for June 2009.. I really need to try to update my blog as soon as I update my flickr. For now, this will make do... so here goes...

06/06/09 - Went to the 2nd Q-Lap Bike Show at Tutong with the gf and snapped some photos. More photos here.

07/06/09 - BFF Outing Competition to Kg. Tamoi. More photos here.

10/06/09 - BFF Strobist Outing/Model/Sharing Session. Photo showing Jimmy Jo explaining about flash using snoot. More photos here.

12/06/09 - Went to Ranoadidas.com's 6th anniversary bash at i-Centre in Anggerek Desa. I was using manual focus the night before and forgot to turn it back on, so some photos were blur until I found out why and turned the auto-focus back on. *Oh my!* More photos here.

12/06/09 - BFF Outing Competition Prize presentation. More photos here.

14/06/09 - BFF Film Outing @ BSB. The gf using Nikon F3 and I used Leica R4s. We go film and manual focus all the way. More photos here.

25/06/09 - The gf joined the Laneige Photogenic Competition @ The Mall... and

I ended up doing more photoshoots of her

at my own make-shift studio.. More photos here.

25/06/09 - Baby Ariana's 1st birthday. More photos here.

27/06/09 - Brought Titi, Wida and Puri to the 4th Comsumer Fair at ICC. More photos here.

28/06/09 - Muris and Lush's wedding, but me and the gf took photos at home. More photos here.

Sending off Puri and Wida back to Jakarta. Both are from Jakarta softball team and Puri being the Indonesian National Squad 1st pitcher played for Pasadena for the 10 day MB Invitational Cup 2009. They will be missed. More photos here. Softball photos are at my softball site.

End of June 2009 updates. ;)

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