Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fire at Madewa - 10/07/09

In my previous post, I had to cut short my light trail outing with the other BFF Crews as we saw very thick smoke nearby and saw police cars and fire engines pass and heard sirens. We know there's fire and that is news stuff.

Me and Spacemonkey went to the scene, Spacey wanted to take silhouettes and I wanted to take good photos and a very good chance to practice photojournalism.

Fire fighters trying their best to control and if possible to put the fire out. We stayed behind them as we snapped photos of the incident. It was blazing hot. We were around 80-100 meters away but we can feel the heat and I was sweating bullets.

The neighbors coming out of their houses to watch the incident.

We left after maybe around half an hour... it was too hot. ;p

The onlookers.. People actually stopped their cars at the side of the road to watch a burnig building.

The onlookers at the other side of the road.

The police had to be there to control the crowd.... and traffic. Too many cars slowed down to watch the fire and not looking front. ;p

More photos here.

This photo of mine was used for the paper the next day... by Media Permata. Front page!! Click here to read about it. ;)

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