Thursday, March 12, 2009

BFF 2nd Anniversary

us in good behaviour
as usual... freestyle... this is the real us... mischievious lots

Group photo by airbiscuit

Happy 2nd Anniversary to Brunei Forever Forum the Sharp Shooters Heaven also known as BFF. An online photography forum which I'm proud to be part of. It's actually an unofficial, virtual, non-profitable organisation where photographers of all ages join, learn, do outings and have fun... the first in Brunei... really and we have the biggest member *I think* in the nation.

Although we celebrated earlier on the 8th of March, last Sunday but the forum was born 2 years ago today. On the 12th of March 2007. I'm glad I joined in 2 years ago and made lots of friends, learnt a lot on photography as well as photo editing technique.

On behalf of BFF, I would like to say a big thank you to Sugar & Spice for sponsoring the venue and food for all of us. The service was great, everything I asked for was there on the dot. The place was good, very warm environment for the whole family especially us cheerful lots and the food was simply delicious. I especially love the Chicken Shawarma and Humus as well as the Beef Kofta. I would surely come back for more. So do come to Sugar & Spice for a taste of their wonderful exotic arabic food. Especially for family dining.

If only Chef Ridhwan was there, but he was not able to be present as he was away for the launching of Aladdin *a Sugar & Spice franchise* in Kota Kinabalu, *WOW!* expanding the business abroad.

the delicious buffet spread

delicious Beef Kofta *one of my favourite*

Mountable *I ate vegetables that day*

Mousaka *you gotta try the exotic taste*

All these exotic arabic food was fully sponsored by Sugar & Spice Arabic Food Restaurant

Cupcakes sponsored by my lovely girlfriend Syazlie, which she ordered from cupcakeheaven KB.

Sugar & Spices' most delicious Chicken Shawarma *I think I had 4 servings*

The founder, admins and mods of BFF cutting the anniversary cake sponsored by Blue Eden Restaurant.

Syazlie, handing gifts as one of the committee.

Prize giving for one of the games.

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