Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Laser 1 Championship - 08/06/08

Was invited to shoot the Laser 1 race at Brunei Yacth Club at Serasa last Sunday, had to get on a small boat and went out to sea to shoot the final leg. It was fun and all, but it was hot! Luckily I didn't forget my sunblock. ;)

The race

The Champion, Yannick Marcillat

I was told, he's one of the world's best sailor, having competed in international levels and ranked third in the World Laser Championships (if I heard it right) and he's here in Brunei.
He's from France and works for Total. This was his last race in Brunei, he's going back to France.

The judges

Navy in action
They have speed limits!

What a relaxed way to go back to shore

Emma Foulke, the youngest participant


Really cheerful lass

Maimah (one of our guides) and hubby

Christopher James Goodwin presenting a souveniour to the new Commodore of Royal Brunei Navy, Colonel Halim

And Chris presenting the souveniour to Mark Bean of Total (Main sponsor)

Emma was given an award for being the youngest, the Below 18 Award

The Royal Brunei Navy group shot with Guest of Honours

The sailors group shot

Thanks for the invite, especially to Kamariah and for the tour.

Article in Borneo Bulletin and more photos in Gallery.