Thursday, May 15, 2008

KUPU Sports Day - 20/04/08

I was really tired and it was a hot day after the BSB 50mm Challenge, was on my way home when I saw what looks like a sports event at Balapan Field. So I went down and took some shots. Found out it was the 1st KUPU (Kolej Universiti Perguruan Ugama) Sports Day. And there was no photographer around. So I offered myself to take photos of the event.

look familiar... he's Ibu Jee's brother.

Team Captain with the Overall House Champion Trophy

Receiving the Challenge Trophy

With the Challenge Trophy

House Champions,


  1. wow, your tracker actually can tell my blog! I didn't know it could do that, amazing! I should get one of those. I don't know who comes to my coffee blog, unless they comment. :)

  2. bro...kenapa nada tag ani? hehehe...mcm c Zul saja ni hehehe...anyway ur linked...Urs truly, Papz.

  3. the dude: you can d/load it free.
    papz: used to have one... had to take it down. will link you too, soon... heheh..